Unseen (formerly titled “Aura”) is an experimental puzzle game where the you must navigate through trap-riddled mazes. The catch is that you are blind, and must rely exclusively on your sense of hearing to survive.

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Alpha Mission

Unseen: Alpha Mission is a limited-edition first installment in the Unseen series, and a homage to its early development. It contains all of the levels from the 2004 beta (save for the much-maligned doughnut of deceit) plus an additional 14 levels never before publicly released. In addition, we’ve fixed a lot of bugs under the hood and worked some of the clunk out of the interface.

Unseen: Alpha Mission is available as a premium download for Windows PCs (It’s been tested extensively on Windows ME and Windows XP; It works more or less well on Windows 7 although there are a couple minor stability issues that we are hoping to address by the next patch). Purchasing Alpha Mission will help support development of further installments in the Unseen series.

– US $1.00 via Paypal Transaction
(You will be directed to the premium download area after your purchase)

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July 2001 Trailer (202KB, MP3 format).
The first bit of promotional material for Unseen. A bit silly, seeing as it was recorded after a long night of programming.