You are about to enter the world’s most prestigious logic-based gardening competition!

What happens when you cross-breed the traditional dice game of Yacht with a latin square puzzle?  A game worth of the Primrows gardening society, of course!  The rules are quite simple: Plant a 4 × 4 garden where no row, column, or quadrant contains two of the same flower. The catch? All the seeds look alike, so you won’t know what kind of flower you’re planting until after it has grown.

Primrows tosses an element of chance into one easy-to-learn logical puzzle, providing a near-infinite set of challenges. As you plant your gardens, put your logical reasoning and probability skills to the test — or even just rely on your gardening instincts — to rack up as many points as you can from the garden show judges. Primrows is fun to play solitaire or with friends, and provides multiple play modes and an award system to keep the most enthusiastic gardeners busy for a long time.

Primrows is a great game for car trips and waiting rooms, and you can play with up to four players on the same device.  It’s a must-have for anyone who loves the number puzzles you’ll find in newspapers.

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Primrows includes built-in social gaming features such as online high scores, achievements, and online challenges, powered by OpenFeint.

Think you can beat the creator at her own game? Send your online challenges to the Feint name “PurpleNinjaGirl” and see how well you match up!

Did you get a prize garden?  A great high score?  You can brag about it on the Primrows Facebook page — where you can also keep up with upcoming features.