Capitalist Propaganda Warnings

The capitalist roaders are always trying to sway people to their side. Every year, the media releases tons of propaganda intended to keep people away from communism. Here's a brief list of things to stay away from:

The Government. Just don't trust them. If anyone walks up to you and says, "Hi kiddie, I work for the government," start to cry before they try explaining to you the so-called benefits of the free market system.

The business section in the newspaper. This section is loaded with lies. Such and such stock is up. So and so made millions of dollars yesterday. Those stories are all fabricated, and intended to act upon the natural human desire for wealth, perpetuating capitalism.

The movie, Children of the Revolution. It looks innocent, almost amusing, from the cover, but don't be fooled. This one is aimed to instill capitalist thoughts into kids. I can imagine what the International Capitalist Conspiracy was thinking when they thougt this up: "Yeah, the kids will see this cute cover in the video store and ask their parents to rent it. They'll watch the movie, which is hideously boring, and then they'll say to themselves, 'I don't like this communist thing. it's boring.'"