Kommunism for Kids

Welcome to Kommunism for Kids! You may have heard bad things about communism from your friends before, but they probably don't even know what communism is! Communism can be loads of fun, if you know where to look.... and you're looking in the right place!


Coloring Book

Using red crayons, you can color in all your favorite communist forefathers!


Santa Claus: A Communist Success Story

Ever wonder how this jolly old elf can make such a surplus of toys every year? His secret is Communism.


Connect Four

The classic game with a communist twist


Capitalist Propaganda

The capitalists have lots of propaganda out there trying to convince people that they're the best. This is a list of things to stay on guard for so their influence doesn't affect your mind.


The Klubhouse

Join the Kommunist Klubhouse today!


Write me

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This page is a joke. Don't even think about interpreting it as a political statement, either for or against communism.

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