All I Need to Know I Learned from Video Games

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Text of poster reads: You only live three times – If at first you don’t succeed, level up for a while and then try again – When faced with a formidable adversary, always look for a glowing weak spot first – It’s OK to search random people’s houses and take their stuff – Even the most mundane task becomes exciting if you are given a score at the end of it – Don’t ever expect anyone else to jump in and save the world for you – A quick snack or a good night’s sleep can heal all wounds – You will always be outnumbered… but it will never matter, because you’re just that awesome – Save often – Take time now and again to stop and complete a side quest – No matter who you are or what you’re trying to do, at some point, you will need to push a large stone or box around to accomplish it If it ain’t broke, see if you can break it — it might have money inside – Most of the laws of physics are just suggestions – Anything that could conceivably explode most likely will – Most people repeat themselves a lot – If life gives you lemons, start collecting them, maybe somewhere you can trade them in for something useful – You can still be a hero even if you never say a word – It’s OK to wear the same thing every day, unless, of course, you’ve just gained radically new powers or become evil – If all else fails, use fire