Level 12 – Three Kingdoms (Walkthrough)

Level 12 (which, before version 3.0, was ordered as Level 5), “Three Kingdoms,” has turned out to be the most infamous level in the game, even though it was never meant to be that hard, just a little tricky. I have received more comments about this level than any other (not including people with the “Hall of Fame” solution to level 9) — one person even told me he had completed the entire game except for this level — so I figured I’d post the solution to answer everybody’s questions.

There are two different strategies that will work to solve this level… I will go through one of them and leave the other for you to discover.

You can start at any one of the three corners you want, but your first move is where the trick is. Split a photon off and move it out of the way. This will reduce the number of times photons cross paths, which reduces the number of times you need to pay energy to split them apart.
Next, we need to move a blue photon in to make the green photon in the upper right cyan. Make sure you do things in the right order, otherwise you’ll wind up with expensive white photons.
From here on in, things are straightforward…
Now that everything else is done, the red photon we set aside can be taken to its new home.

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