Drops of Light

Drops of Light is a game designed to tease both the visual and logical parts of your brain featuring original graphics and music. Inspired by color physics, peg solitaire, and a Chinese Checkers board, Drops of Light is a puzzle in the purest sense of the word: as you play, you will have no time constraints and no elements of chance to obstruct your progress, only the puzzle and as much time and patience as you can muster to crack it. The game is played on a six-pointed crystalline lattice filled with photons of various colors, and your task is to move them around and blend them together in order to form a specified arrangement within a limited number of moves.

The standard level set provides 60 levels of varying difficulty, starting with a hands-on tutorial to teach you the basics. Additional levels are available, and, using the level editor (included), you can try your hand at making your own challenges to tease other Drops of Light fans.

The most recent version of the game, released in 2007, is a revitalization of the 1998 classic. It features more vibrant, easier-to-distinguish graphics, and a remastered version of the original level set with a smoother difficulty curve.

Critical Acclaim

Groovy Game AlertAwarded the Groovy Game Alert
Matthew Leverton, Allegro.cc

“Drops of Light er frustrerande, men veldig gøy!.”
— Karl Ove Hufthammer, Gratis kvalitetsdataspel

“This game spells puzzle with a capital ‘P’ … This one is a must!”
— James Bunting, A.G.R.I.

Staff Rating 10/10 — GameHippo.com

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Download Drops of Light 3.0 (2.99 MB) from tursiops.cc — Requires Windows 9x or later

Tipping the Artist

Drops of Light is provided free as a gift to the world. If you liked this game and want to support further development, please send a tip our way.  Tips/donations are accepted via the Paypal link below.

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The Drops of Light Hall of Fame is a global ‘high score’ system of sorts… if you did exceptionally well on a level, you may have been given a password which could possibly be your ticket to be on this prestigious list.
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Stuck on the “Three Kingdoms” level? You’re not the only one. I’ve made a Three Kingdoms walkthrough to demonstrate the solution.

Stuck on another level? If you’re desperate and want nothing but to get to the next level, here are the passwords to all the levels.

Add-On Levels

Version 3.0 comes packaged with all of the following levels.
Expansion levels will work only on version 2.0 or later.

File Title Author
DOL2007 Drops of Light – 2007 Remix Catherine Kimport
Classic Classic Drops of Light (1998 version) Catherine Kimport
Drops2 Dropping Down Further Catherine Kimport
Metamrph Chromatic Metamorphases Catherine Kimport
Colorful Simple but Pretty (v2) Catherine Kimport
Pro2 Hall of Fame Levels (v2) Catherine Kimport
Example Example Levels for the Editor Catherine Kimport
Roll The Honorable Roll of Color (v2) Zhentao Li
UFO The Logical Brain Train Clemens Saurer