Just giving our proper respects.

Extracurricular Projects

Being a small studio means our staff sometimes works on other projects as well.

Achron WallpaperAchron is a meta-time strategy game developed by Hazardous Software that boasts single-player and multi-player free-form time travel. Our own gamewright-in-chief served as additional game designer on this game in its early years.

The Shoulders We Stand On

Being a small studio also means that we owe a lot to quality resources, products, and services — many of them free — that make what we do possible. Here’s an incomplete list (that includes no paid solicitations):

Allegro: Allegro Low-Level Game Programming Routines, a free, open-source, community-developed library of graphics, sound, input, and other useful routines. We’ve used it in all of our PC games to date.

Blambot Fonts: Designed for comics, great for video games as well. High-quality, reasonably-priced fonts.

Filter Forge: Obscenely versatile image manipulation and generation tool. We haven’t used it much in our games yet, but we rely heavily on it for our greeting cards and posters. TTS has a handful of filters we’ve contributed to their library.

Stack Overflow: Collaborative programming question-and-answer community. I’d never have figured out iOS development without it.