About Us

Tursiops Truncatus Studios LLC, is an independent computer game studio located in Madison, WI (with an unofficial satellite in St. John’s, NL). Even by indie studio standards, we’re pretty small (one full-time employee and a handful of contractors here and there)

The company was founded informally in 1995 by Catherine Kimport, originally named “Tursiops Truncatus Software.” Our first freeware title, Drops of Light was released in 1998; following this, unfortunately, other factors interfered, for several years no games were released, and eventually in 2004 the company was put into hibernation and hidden in the broom closet, to be awoken at some unknown future date.

In April 2007, production resumed, and the company was formally relaunched as Tursiops Truncatus Studios LLC. Our name changed from from “software” to “studios,” because after some time we started to realize that we really envisioned the company as more of an interactive art studio than a software company, and wanted to leave the door open to producing other forms of art as well under the same banner.

One might guess, from looking at the games we’ve already produced and the next couple in production, that we exclusively design logic and puzzle games. This, however, is not our long-term intent. We’ve only just started, and it’s too early for us to already be pidgeonholing ourselves.

Meaning of the Name

Tursiops truncatus is the genus and species name of the bottlenose dolphin. Dolphins are intelligent and playful, and seem to enjoy interacting with people, and as such make the perfect mascot for our studio.

Corporate Info

Tursiops Truncatus Studios is an LLC headquartered in Madison, WI.
Business information is held on file at the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.

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Creative Team Bios

Catherine Kimport (Gamewright, Drops of Light / Primrows / Unseen) is a lifelong video game addict who studied computer science and digital art at Valparaiso University.  When not developing games, she can generally be found playing roller derby or volunteering for social change organizations.  You can connect with her professionally via LinkedIn.

Annalise “Lulu” Addams (Writer, Unseen) is a girl-shaped robot, roller derby princess, freelance fiction writer, and graphic design student. Her comics have appeared in two volumes of Gothology. One can stalk her (or hire her!) via her blog: Lip Glossary.